From bringing an iconic Stephen King character to life or training superhero dog from the streets to the screen for a Warner Brothers series.  We have had the absolute pleasure to work with the largest studios and commercial houses in the world!  Our positive reinforcement techniques are all American Humane Association approved.

Kirk Jarrett - Animal Coordinator / partner
Melissa Millett - Key Trainer / partner


Featgure Films / Television / Commercials / Live Venues

Subaru - “Ascent” & “Crosstrek”

Client: Subaru
Animal coordinator
Agency: Zulu Alpha Kilo
August 15, 2020
Production Company: Revolver Films
Character Dog Actors: Pickles & Bella (Boston terriers)

Fresh Step / Clean Paws Cat Litter

Client: The Clorox Company
Animal Coordinator
Agency: Dentsu / Mcgarrybowen
Co-Trainer CND Prod: Suneeva
August 18-20, 2020
Animal cat actors: Tonic, Chia, Mango, Archie, Nuggets
Animal dog actor:  Jelly Bean  (Australian cattle dog)

Bell LG Velvet

Client: Bell Canada / Bell Media
Animal Coordinator
Agency: Zulu Alpha Kilo
August 5, 2020
Production Company: Animal
Animal actor: Gypsy (Green Parrot)

The Swan (FEATURE)

Client: Leif Films Media Inc, Hallmark
Animal coordinator
Director: Leif Bristow
August 15, 2020
Writer / Producer: Borga Dorter
PM: Lori Fischburg
Animal Actor: Matt (water buffalo) / chickens and ducks


Client: Bravecto
Animal Coordinator
Agency: Elite Digital
July 14, 2020
Production: Sting Productions Inc
Animal dog Actor: Jelly Bean  (Australian cattle dog)

Ford F150

Client: Ford Canada
Animal Coordinator
Production: Art Jail
Production: Ad Hoc
Agency: GTB
Animal Dog Actor: Jelly Bean (Australian cattle dog)

Jim Bean

Client: Beam Suntory
Animal Coordinator
Production: Alpen Pictures
Agency: R/GA Ny
Can. Service Comp: Circle Productions
Animal Actor: Elvis (pigmy goat)

Blue Bunny Ice Cream

Client: Blue bunny ice cream
Animal coordinator
Production: FCB Chicago
Can. Service Comp: Skin and bones film comp. Inc
Animal Actor: Multiple Mini Rex Rabbits


Client: Ssense
Animal Coordinator
Web 2020
Animal dog Actors:  Popcorn (chihuahua), Lollipop (Boston terrier)

Farm Bureau

Client: Farm Bureau Financial Services 2020 Commercial
Animal Coordinator
Production: Station Film
Agency: The Richard Group
Can. Service Comp: Circle Productions
Animal Cat Actor: Tonic


Client: Loblaws Companies Ltd. 2020 Print
Animal Coordinator
Canadian Production: Fuze
Sandy & Nicholson Stills & Motion
Animal Actors: Multiple Cats, Dogs, Rabbit and a Bird

Ongoing Titans Season 2 & 3

Animal Coordinator
S2 2019 / S3 2020 TV Series (WB) / DC Universe
Animal Dog Actors Team of double Dogs - Pepsi, Wrigley, Digby

Pet Sematary

Client: Paramount
Animal Coordinator
Feature released in 2019 (Paramount)
Animal Cat Actor “Church” Leo, Tonic, JD, Jagger, Gin
Kirk was the Trainer of the Undead Cat (Leo)

Tim Hortons

Client: Tim Hortons, Busy Day 2019 Commercial
Animal Coordinator Can. Service Comp: Animal
Animal Dog Actor: Jax (Yorkshire Terrier)

Tim Hortons

Client: TDL Tim Hortons, Doghouse 2018 Commercial
Animal Coordinator
Can. Service Comp: Animal
Agency: Zulu Alpha Kilo
Animal dog Actor: Avro (Duck Toller)


Client - FedEx 2019 Commercial
Animal Coordinator
US Comp. Biscuit Filmworks
agency: BBDO
Can Prod. Sequoia Content International Ltd.
Animal dog Actor: Rosie (German Shorthaired Pointer)


Client: Loblaws Companies Ltd. 2019 Commercial
Animal Coordinator
Viral Cat Video
Trainer Agency: John Street
Can Prod. Soft Citizen
Animal Cat Actor: Storm (Silver Tip Persian)

Oui Yogurt

Client: General Mills 2019 Commercial
Animal Coordinator
US Comp. Arts & Science
Agency: JOAN
Can Service Comp. Animal
Animal dog Actor: Snickers (Australian Cattle Dog X)


Client: PUR Water Filtrations, 2019 Commercial
Animal Coordinator
US Comp. Gravy Films
Agency: Arnold Worldwide
Can Service Comp. Spy Films
Animal Dog Actor: Eb (Border Collie)

Bounce / Downey

Client: P+G, 2019 Teacher Learner Commercial
Animal Coordinator
Production: Notch Video
Animal Actors: Storm (Silver Tip Persian)
Comet (Golden Retriever)


Client: Sparkle, 2019 Puppies & Ribs Commercial
Animal Coordinator
US Production: Steelhead
Agency: Dutch
Can. Service: Sequoia Content International
Animal Actors: Multiple Breeds of Puppies”


Client: Spinmaster “Gund” Love Feels Like a Gund
Animal Coordinator
2019 Commercial
Agency: Spinmaster
Can Prod: The Corner Store
Animal Actors: Golden Retrievers


Client: Highmark Health, 2019 Six Words Commercial
Animal Coordinator
US Production: JOJX
Agency: Partners & Napier
Can. Service Prod: Circle Productions
Animal Actors: Multiple Breeds of Dogs

Jewellers Mutual

Client: Jewellers Mutual
Animal Coordinator
US Production: Biscuit Filmworks
Agency: Laughlin Constable
Can. Service Comp: OPC
Animal Cat Actor: Merlin (cat)
Animal Dog Actors:  Chewy (Pomeranian)


Client: PNC Bank, 2019 Great Sunday Mornings Commercial
Animal Coordinator
US Production: Moxie Pictures
Agency: Deutsch
Can. Service Comp: Soft Citizen
Animal Dog Actors: Atomic Betty & Louie (Bulldogs)


Client: Scotiabank 2019 commercial
Animal Coordinator
Can. Production Comp: Corner Store Films
Animal Dog Actors: Pickles (Boston Terrier)

Jim Bean

Client: BEAM & GINGER, Different 30
Animal Coordinator
US Prod: Somesuch
Agency: Adam & Eve NYC
Can. Service: Sequoia Content International Inc.
Animal Actor: Elvis (Pigmy Goat)


Client: RBC, 2019 My Advisor Commercial
Animal Coordinator
Production: Grip Sound + Picture
Agency: Grip Ltd.
Animal Cat Actor: Tonic (Cat)


Client: KOHLER, 2019 Commercial
Animal Coordinator
US Prod: Smuggler USA
Agency: The Beacon
Can. Service Comp: Radke Films
Animal Actor: Why (Irish Wolfhound)


Client: BMO, 2019 Commercial
Animal Coordinator
Production Comp: Steam Films
Agency: FCB Toronto
Animal Actors: Ebb & Gail (Border collie)

Dairy Farmers of Ontario

Client: Dairy Farmers of Ontario
Animal Coordinator
2019 Commercial
Production: Sparks Productions
Agency: NO Fixed Address ( N*F*A )
Animal Dog Actor: Bella (Boston Terrier)

Client:, 2019 Commercial
Animal Coordinator
US Production: Serial Pictures
Agency: Anomaly
Can. Production: Steam Films
Animal dog actors: Carson & Penny (Duck Tollers)

Stouffer’s Lasagna

Client: NESTLE, 2019 Commercial
Animal Coordinator
US Production: Picrow
Agency: Wunderman Thompson
Agency: Hogarth Worldwide
Can. Service Comp: Spy Films
Animal Dog Actors: Stella (Jack Russel)

Saw 201

Cain Corso - Controlled Aggression
Animal Coordinator
Feature 2019

Christmas Chronicles

Bernese Mountain Dogs
Trained Dog / Service Provider
Feature 2019 Netflix


Persian Cat
Animal Coordinator
Independent Feature 2018


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