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With a combined 50 years experience working in film and training animals, Melissa and Kirk are the perfect combination for understanding movie making, training and sourcing animals. Kirk is the point of contact to communicate with production to ensure that the directors expectations are prepped and ready to go. Detail oriented, Kirk will be involved in the overall logistics so the animal can be prepped on camera movement, location, props, wardrobe, special effects and of course the specific desired behaviors. 

Melissa has worldwide recognition for extreme tricks like handstands, jump rope and walking tightropes. While these behaviors are not commonly requested by production, this means that the common studio behaviors come relatively easy so the sky is the limit! 

Melissa Millett

Melissa Millett

Founder and head trainer of In Dogs We Trust and The Ultimutts, Melissa has taught thousands of family pets. As an animal expert, Melissa has been featured on every major Canadian TV network as well as internationally. Breakfast Television (Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary), CP24, Global News, CTV (Toronto, Vancouver), Animal Planet, The Pet Network, etc. Host of the popular Television Show "Doggy House Calls" and the spin off series "Doggy Diaries" in London, Kitchener and Ottawa.

As an expert in obedience, Melissa is internationally known as an advanced trick trainer and performer with Ultimutts. A few of the Ultimutts have been featured internationally on; Good Morning America, The Rick Mercer Report, The Family Channel, CBC and Cineplex Theatres. Bella the Boston Terrier has traveled across the country with Ripleys Believe it or Not! to promote her appearance in the 2016 publication. Jellybean the DEAF Australian Cattle Dog made it to the semi finals of the Facebook Watch show "World's Most Amazing Dog" receiving 22 million views and coming very close to winning $100,000 USD!

Melissa has partnered with Animal Coordinator Kirk Jarrett to provide an elite service for animals in film and TV. Most notably the team co-trained the cats for Stephen Kings 2019 Pet Sematary, 2019 super bowl commercial, Commercials for Duracell, Yoplait, Gund. Past clients have included; Paramount, Netflix, Warner Brothers and more!

Kirk Jarrett

Kirk Jarrett

Kirk Jarrett has worked in film, television, commercials, documentaries, print and live entertainment for the past 30 years. He has been active creatively and technically both in front of, and behind the camera as an actor, stunt performer, stunt coordinator, animal coordinator, specialty animal trainer, 2nd unit director, and director for 2D and virtual reality respectively. Mr. Jarrett has worked with all major studios and networks. Kirk’s most recent work since 2018 after relocating to the east coast as a Animal Coordinator include Titans S2 & S3, where we had the pleasure to bring Krypto the Super Hero Dog Character to life (Warner Brothers & DC Universe) Pet Sematary

Kirk was the trainer of Church the undead cat (Paramount, 2019), Fractured, we trained the Mongrel Dog (Netflix,2019), Christmas Chronicles, Bernese Dogs (Netflix, 2019), Discovery VRs Wild, Kodiak Grizzly, 30 head of Wild Horses, Wolf Pack by Andrew Simpson (Google & YouTube 2018), we have had the pleasure to work on over 30 commercials and print contracts since 2018 to present including a Super Bowl add for Avocados from Mexico.

To name a few other projects, Kirk has worked on The Killing, Stunt & Animal Coordinator (AMC), Brokeback Mountain, Stunt Coordinator, Specialty Animals (Focus Features), Flicka 2 & 3, Animal Coordinator, 2nd Unit Director, Liberty Horse Trainer, Stunt Coordinator (20th Century Fox), Riverdale, Animal Coordinator (Warner Brothers), Passchendaele, Stunt Coordinator (Alliance) You can find more on IMDB.

Having worked on over 500 projects in various capacities, Kirk has formed a solid foundation of technical skills and a thorough understanding of the creative, business and the logistical side of the film industry. Kirk is proud to say that his mandates for Animal Actors in the entertainment sectors fall under a positive approach so animals are set up for success rather than failure. This comes down to all animals need training, acclimation and conditioning to environments, props, SPFX elements, wardrobe & most importantly human co-star actors. This approach as an Animal Coordinator is a realistic approach that reacts to realities of what can be done within the expectations and timelines when approached professionally as a filmmaker.